Recently, I’ve felt out of touch and inaccessible.

Recently, I have little to no concept of reaching out to others for help

Recently, the people I’ve chosen to put faith in have utterly and completely failed me

Recently, my main sources for support and community have been out of commission

Recently, I’ve retracted back into my own world filled with tons of thoughts, perceptions, and my anxieties

Recently, I cannot see how I once relied on certain people for a variety of things

Thankfully, my support system regardless of how far they are scattered have remained the same

Thankfully, I have outlets to express my discontent, and disappointment

Thankfully, I’m taking the time to articulate how disoriented I’ve been feeling in a positive manner

Thankfully, the group of disappointed people will not be here for much longer

Unfortunately, I will have to mend some of the relationships that are strained

Unfortunately, my home life is still difficult and affecting me 286 miles away

Unfortunately, that strain and stress is hard to explain to others for my own fear of misunderstandings and lack of acceptance

Finally, I know I’ll overcome, persevere, and succeed

Finally, I trust the Lord for he has never failed me–in spite of my daily, hourly, and weekly sins and disobedience

Finally, I understand how frustrating it may be for Him to see me not putting in nearly as much effort, faith, and love that He has in me.

Honestly, I feel relieved after writing this.