Blogging or Journaling

As I prepare for my upcoming trip abroad to Dar es Salaam Tanzania for the Spring semester I’m struggling.

Anxiety about collaborating well with others is a major component,
Contemplation about how I will take in all my experiences albiet through vintage leather-bound journals, or through writing things down in a blog are also serious things to consider. In a sense, I like the accessibility of using blogs to express things I’ve learned, lost, and accomplished. On the other hand, writing is an art craft that can be reviewed through exploring your notes, handwriting etc and feels much more authentic and personal than typing my life away. Also, when I write things out I feel connected to the words as opposed to typing them.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be comparing the journal and blog components and move from there.

It’s always nice to have your thoughts floating somewhere besides your head- so blogs are nice to capture those feelings in a space to be viewed by all.

Until then,