“Maybe you’ll wait for me–maybe you’re gone”- Sondre Lerche

Waiting to hear back from the tons of teachers, advisors, and abroad counselors I feel as if my  dreams are on hold. Since chosing SLU as the place to sponsor the last leg of shaping my persona, I found it essential to complement this journey with a trip abroad. Only, once have I visited another country. In 2010, I went to Costa Rica for 11 days and it was by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life. At the risk of being cliche, I fear to venture off into naming the ways its changed me. I will say this though, it implanted a wanderlust mentality into my spirit. Along with the debate about course equavilencies and other inconsequential discussions the major conflict is my dream of going abroad is on halt for the realities at hand. Whether or not I can actually picture myself in Tanzania or Cape Town depends on the finalization of things in several different people’s hands. They simple have no idea how agonizing it is for me to not know where exactly I’ll be studying,living, and growing in the Fall or Spring. Until then I suppose I’ll twiddle my thumbs, avoid work I should be doing, and dream of distant lands I may never see.




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